Kristina’s meditation classes are very accessible and rewarding. She is a lovely, warm person that creates a relaxing space to take you on her guided visualisations. With calm surroundings and beautiful imagery it’s incredibly easy to drift away from the stresses of modern life and re-connect with the inner self and simple concept of inner…


I enjoy meditation as it provides a time for calm, peace and thought as well as connection to my spiritual side. During and after the class I feel relaxed and refreshed, it’s like a re-boot. The meditation brings a big benefit in how I think and approach every day challenges. A great reminder to what…

N. Chamberlain

Today I am feeling great, last night was such a release and I learnt so much about myself in the timeless space you provided. Thank you for allowing me to remember the things about myself I already knew.


Well worth attending a session – I did indeed experience a deeply calming effect and the meditation is guided throughout so it is particularly good for those new to meditation. Friendly people made me feel welcome and I will attend again.