Cacao Circles

Expand the heart, connect with spirit, align your clarity and knowing.


We gather in circle for this beautiful ritual where we drink Cacao, this heart expanding elixir, known as ‘Food of the Gods’. A magical afternoon which includes guided visualisation, a sound bath, intention setting/releasing and a medicine drum journey.

Cacao is far more than processed chocolate confectionery, it is a super food and plant medicine. Blood flow increases to the brain and body by up to 40%.

The Cacao is a beautiful blend of Guatemalan and Peruvian plants, lovingly prepared and infused with special essential oils, heavenly elixirs and potent prayers.

Working together with the energies of the Seven Directions, we harness the energies of intention, prayer, meditation and sound to release limitation and call in what we want to create.

For those who are interested in heart expansion, Cacao is a subtle yet powerful heart opening medicine. These works can strengthen intuition, boost creativity and clarity, and expand your awareness to new possibilities and perspectives.

Cacao Training

I will be hosting a Cacao training in order to deepen your relationship with this sacred plant and learning to hold space for Cacao.

Open to graduates of The Path of the Medicine Woman Course. New dates to be confirmed.

Cacao for the Younger Generation

The next event will be at The Wider Horizons Gathering in Norfolk on Saturday 1stth February, see here for more information: Wider Horizons

Upcoming Cacao Circles and Rituals

The Cacao Spirit has opened the way for me to offer diverse events over the coming months, in partnership with ome beautiful beings and beautiful plants. Browse in the right hand column for event summaries, feel free to get in touch for more information.

What People Say

Quotes and testimonials from people who have benefited from this work

Thank you for the guided Cacao meditation circle on Sunday. I had felt drawn to joining this and am very glad that I did. The meditations themselves were very beneficial- I didn’t realise that the time passed so quickly. At the end I felt quite emotional but in a very good way. The feeling of a tenderness and beauty I cannot put into words touched my heart. My silent tears were of a new kind of joy.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for facilitating a truly beautiful cacao circle yesterday – so very heart opening and special.

It was very elevating and felt superb after right and some kind of shift since then. The whole process helped release and begin anew. Thank you so much and look forward to the next one!

My afternoon with Kristina our host and angel at the cacao Equinox ceremony, has been a beautiful and deeply profound experience, honestly! I’m still processing 2 days later and feel so immensely grateful to be doing this work with such a loving and authentic guide. My heart feels ridiculously alive and vital which is phenomenal as it’s been for a long time a heart that’s been sad, hurt and terrified and had given all its power and will away to my head. No longer! I feel right now that I’m living and walking to a different beat, my heart is…