Path of The Medicine Woman

Path of The Medicine Woman.


Seven sessions, Seven directions, Seven aspects of Being….

The Medicine Woman is an archetype within us all, yearning to awaken. She has shown me that it is time to share her knowing with those who wish to use this wisdom to be in service.

An intensive (bi-weekly Wednesday evenings) limited to a small group of committed women.

During this course you will be supported to strengthen your connection to the Spirit realm and re-awaken your connection to the wisdom of Pachamama, our Mother Earth.

This is not lecture format; each week we will be held in sacred ritual with experiential hands on learning. You will be invited to explore and utilise powerful tools and techniques in order to deepen your understanding of the movement and direction of energy.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Women who are ready to step up on their spiritual path.
  • Women who are willing to put in the work to create change in their lives and wish to empower their ability to be in service.
  • Those who wish to accelerate their expansion and spiritual evolution.

What will I learn on this course?

    • Energetic cleansing
    • Opening, holding and closing Sacred Space – experiencing the power of the elements and cardinal directions
    • Grounding and Protection
    • Creating an altar
    • Womb work
    • Spirit of Rose Initiation
    • Introduction to energetic healing work
    • Working with Shamanic tools
    • Atlantean and Lemurian temple ritual
    • Intuition and an introduction to dowsing
    • The Power of intention and more…


Testimonials from Autumn 2019 Course:

Kristina’s course helped me to begin to experience a sense of self empowerment That, I was suddenly feeling supported by the universe. No tricks, just the genuine loving female energy in her space. Words are too limited to describe the transformation I continue to experience since joining the course.
The Path of the Medicine Woman course was suited to my spiritual awakening, as it’s very gentle and loving.

I feel much more harmonized. I love the way I felt the connection with all the Women in the group. The sisterhood in the group was amazing.

The work that Kristina facilitates holds such a loving and heartwarming frequency vibration , that I felt at home at all the sessions.

Kristina teaches with such humility, that I felt held and totally safe.

The meditations were always powerful It was like having a gentle energy transmission. At times, I would go home on such high vibration of love and contentment. It was the best meditative experience I’ve ever had. I did not want them to end.

I went in with a totally open mind, no expectations and no preconceived intentions or ideas.
I am glad I did that. As at the end, the experience was unexpected and profound in a unique way, not mental.

I cannot wait for the next one ! A great Self care / Self love gift to oneself.Recommended!


I didn’t know what I was looking for until I found it on ‘The Path of the Medicine Woman’. Thanks to Kristina I now have a community of like-minded women and friends. Finally, I’ve joined the dots and deepened my understanding so that I can say with humility and confidence ‘I am a medicine woman’. Thank you, Kristina, for the generosity and huge welcome, and thanks to everyone in our sacred circle of women for making it so special.


The Path of the Medicine Woman was a truly enlightening and spiritually moving course. Kristina delivers her wisdom in a very clear and magical way that makes everything very understandable and made me want to explore more of her teachings.

It was a true woman’s circle and I made some lovely lovely friends who supported each other throughout the course.

Highly highly recommend this amazing journey…..


Kristina was a pure pure pleasure to work with I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated every moment.

I missed her sessions when we all weren’t together and when we were together we really felt like a sisterhood!!!!

I cannot thank Kristina enough for leading me in the direction which is helping me with my life and focus!

I am looking forward to working with her again and broadening my knowledge in these areas!


This is a very beautiful course, which goes at the core of what it means to be a woman.  Kristina holds the space magnificently, as she nurtures and listens and welcomes all.  Through this, i have experienced what it means to be Loving Unconditionally – both myself, and others.  During the meditations, I felt nourished from the inside out.  Highly recommended for all women!


I’m so very glad I took this class. Beautiful connections, meditation journeys, learning, wisdom, loving energy and calm. I always felt so much better and energised after a session, no matter what was going on in my life. I was recommended this by a friend to help with holding space in my spiritual work and I got this and so much more. Kristina is just magical and her energy and kindness make this such a safe place to explore and experiment with your own power. I can’t wait for the next chance to work with her. If you feel the calling don’t hesitate to join!


What People Say

Quotes and testimonials from people who have benefitted from this work

I absolutely adored these gatherings with our sisters in medicine work, and couldn’t wait to come back to the next session. Personally this work for me was mostly about deepening the previous experiences on the medicine wheel with more feminine and intimate approach, which I valued greatly. This work has enabled me to step up with my own work with the medicine, it was and is life altering. Such a beautiful, safe space. I would recommend this circle, this work with Kristina to anyone, any given time. Just go, try and embrace the journey, no one can regret anything as beautiful…


The path of the medicine woman is a beautifully designed course full of realistic and unchangeable truths of peace love and compassion. Combining a well rounded framework and tangible experiences it shines a light for many to walk the path they have long desired. The supportive circles are inspired and a revelation in these times. This is the work of the future delivered gracefully into our present.


Kristina is a shining light with a deep connection to spirit. Guiding our group of beautiful women through a deeply healing and transformative experience where we too could tap in to our connection with spirit and ourselves and learn invaluable tools to be able to tap into this connection. Kristina guides from her heart, providing you space to access and open your own hearts, so that you can learn to guide, heal and share from a place of truth, from your source. This course is for anyone willing to step in to a sacred space where you are willing to…


The Medicine Woman Path course was a deep profound journey, it was expansive, informative and heart-opening. Kristina walked us into the magic, we learned so many incredible tools with a safe space to practice. I felt like this course helped me peel off layers that weren’t needed, gave me confidence and empowerment in so many levels, and brought so much gratitude into my life! Kristina is a experienced shaman and gifted healer it’s been absolute honour to learn from her. She created a beautiful safe and balanced space for us to learn, go deep and be supported to grow stronger…


You are a wonderful Medicine woman and you make the circle special with your gifts and input. The women in the circle respond to this and the result is a wonderful nurturing and connected experience for us all. You allow the gifts to come forth and everyone feels connected and trustful. I have felt privileged to be part of this process and truly grateful to you and the other woman for making the experience so special. Thank you for the practice we can incorporate into our daily lives. The beauty we can follow in our own way but without your…


Working with Kristina has opened so many doors to places hidden inside of me. She work’s in a way that is soft and gentle, creating a beautiful safe space to be yourself and the outcome is extremely powerful and profound. I would highly recommend this course to any woman with an interest in this path, you will not only gain knowledge and insight from Kristina but you will experience how to truly open your heart and grow on so many levels.


Whether you are on your spiritual path and want to deepen and expand your knowledge or you are just starting it this is the place for you to be. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, getting so much benefit from it and personal shifts in my life throughout, as well as learnt healing techniques, as well as “a way of life”-things that I implemented into my daily life, got to know some great women along the way and noticed our profound connection with each other, and learnt a lot from Kristina’s exemplary compassion and genuine care for us, in holding us…


I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of The Path of the Medicine Woman, held so beautifully by Kristina. She shared so much wisdom and knowledge with us, and enabled me to embrace the notion of the power that lies within each and every one of us. I encourage you to attend, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


The Path of the Medicine Woman with Kristina has been a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Her integrity, wisdom and communication skills together with her incredibly truthful loving nature, creates the perfect environment for learning, integrating and evolving into your own medicine path naturally. I have been in similar courses before but this is the one that has really made a great impact on me. Kristina is a unique medicine woman that teaches purely from her heart centre. I loved every single minute of it!


Many thanks for the medicine women series.  My experience was profound and enlightening.  The programme gave me motivation, energy, focus and new learning experience.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a spiritual balance and grounding in their life.