Guided visualisation and sound to experience peace and strengthen your spirit.


All Groups are currently held virtually, sign up to the mailing list for information.

Regular groups sessions held in Queens Park, Kensal Rise and South Kensington.

This is an opportunity to let go of stress and experience the power of the here and now.

  • Group sessions for you to learn how to release stress, truly relax and access your inner space of peace
  • Using breath, sound, visualisation and mindfulness techniques you will be guided to experience a state of balance and equipoise
  • The sessions can be used to recharge your batteries, do some mind tidying, process the past/ get clear on the future and be in the present
  • Suitable for all levels of experience; from the absolute beginner through to the full yogi

In the space I hold you have the potential to:

  • Ground and be fully present
  • Experience deep peace and stillness
  • Expand awareness
  • Feel, know and trust the essence of your true self

Work with me to expand your connection to the still space within, where you have the ability to renew.

You know those moments of perfect stillness, clarity and balance, when all is well? That’s the magic spot. Together let’s expand, embody and anchor these moments more and more into our lives; meditation is the vehicle.

We work to charge you full of positive energy to boost your resilience to the pressures of modern life, and to release old and obsolete pattern that causes limitation. Together we work to strengthen our connection and awareness.

What People Say

Quotes and testimonials from people who have benefitted from this work

Kristina’s meditation classes are very accessible and rewarding. She is a lovely, warm person that creates a relaxing space to take you on her guided visualisations. With calm surroundings and beautiful imagery it’s incredibly easy to drift away from the stresses of modern life and re-connect with the inner self and simple concept of inner peace, which can so easily get lost in a busy life. The classes are one of the few moments in my week where I can stop, breathe and re-centre. Having now been to a few sessions I find it much easier to tap into that…


I enjoy meditation as it provides a time for calm, peace and thought as well as connection to my spiritual side. During and after the class I feel relaxed and refreshed, it’s like a re-boot. The meditation brings a big benefit in how I think and approach every day challenges. A great reminder to what and who mean the most to me.

N. Chamberlain

Today I am feeling great, last night was such a release and I learnt so much about myself in the timeless space you provided. Thank you for allowing me to remember the things about myself I already knew.


Well worth attending a session – I did indeed experience a deeply calming effect and the meditation is guided throughout so it is particularly good for those new to meditation. Friendly people made me feel welcome and I will attend again.